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Review – Simple Guide To Selling Affiliate Products


An interesting book I’ve recently come across about affiliate marketing is this “Simple Guide To Selling Affiliate Products.” The pitch for this book is simple:

The key to your affiliate success depends on the quality of your affiliate product. Associate yourself with an affiliate program that effectively supplements your product or service.Learn to choose your affiliate product with care and reason! Look for programs that pay very high commissions. Determine who and what your competitors are and get ahead in the race. Upload content on your home website, advertise your product and increase your sales! Learn all the tricks of this competitive field. 

So, How useful is this e-book?

Well, it’s pretty good, actually. You’d learn the things it covers eventually, if you’re digging in on the internet. The nice thing about this book is it deals well with the core concepts of what makes anyone successful as an affiliate marketer.

By that, I’m referring to the very real concept of finding a product you can believe in so you can sell with integrity. The book is written from the perspective that you don’t get far these days just slapping ads up about a product that millions of others might be promoting. It delves into the idea that you need to establish authority and trust with a market for them to buy the product you are selling because they believe in you.

If you promote a product and people trust your judgement because you are honest and don’t oversell, they will buy what you endorse because they trust you.

Honestly saying that something is good only for a certain use, and that if you want more functionality you should go with another model, is more appreciated than if you say that it is the best that money can buy. Many sites offer customer reviews as their marketing ploy thinking that a customer who finds a review by another customer will be more inclined to believe it. Unfortunately, not all customers leave a review, which means that many of these sites resort to putting in reviews under different names just to bolster their site. This also means that you will have reviews that are not entirely accurate, meaning that you yourself are bringing down the value of your site.

From the book, page 29

The book covers some of the standard stuff like determining which niches pay the best for the effort put in. But in the end, you’re going to burn out if you don’t find a product you can enthusiastically promote for the long haul.

And this book does help you find a niche and ideas to find affiliate products you can believe in and promote with integrity.

If you’re interested in purchasing the book, I think it offers good value for the money – especially if you’re fairly new to the idea of making money online by selling affiliate products. If you’re interested, you can purchase the book here. It’s only $2.00 and a simple spend for you – especially if you’re wondering how someone actually makes this strategy WORK.


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