November 28

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The new online home of Ritholtz Wealth Management has (finally) arrived!

It’s ironic that we’re a firm with ten content creators and all these big blogs but we’ve never really paid much attention to what our corporate site looks like or how it works. It was just always an afterthought. Until today.

Our old site was fine. It just didn’t do anything for anyone. A place for clients to log in or to put a face with a name. There was no storyline, no emotional sweep, nothing showcasing our people or our culture. RWM is one of the most exciting, special places in all of financial advice (I’m biased, but still), and that had to come across in the way we presented ourselves online. That was the assignment.

We put our Chief Operating Officer and data analytics boss Nick Maggiulli in charge of the project. He nailed it! Special thanks to lead designer John Saunders and all the people at 5Four Digital for taking our vision and turning into something usable and fun.

A lot of people I’ve shown it to have said there’s a little bit of an Avengers Assemble! vibe with the way our characters are front and center in front of the Manhattan skyline and when I heard it, I saw it immediately.

Helping investors make great decisions and saving them from harm is what we have always been about, since the firm’s founding ten years ago. And we still stand on it. Now and forever.

Here’s the site, hope you like it:


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