August 7

You have never been to an event like this before.


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You have never been to an event like this before. This is the one. You’ll be telling your colleagues years from now that you were there.

Why am I so sure of this? We built it that way. That’s the purpose. You can earn continuing education credits on the internet, who cares. This is for people who want more out of their careers. Who want to network with the best practitioners in the space and learn from them. Who want to grow in their capacity as professionals and entrepreneurs. Who want to connect with service providers and vendors and stay ahead of the crowd.

Every single advisor going cares about one thing more than anything else: Doing the most amazing job for his or her clients. How do you do that? Stay on the cutting edge of everything out there, all the new technology and innovation coming down the pike to help us better serve our people and do more for them than ever before.

There are over 1,000 registered advisors and close to 2500 total attendees. The people going represent the future of wealth management. Are you a part of it? Make sure we see you at the show. Registration closes on 8/15.

Future Proof 2023


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