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I recently discovered a great little e-book that deals with the question: how do you increase productivity and focus? about how to achieve more by getting focused. The book is called “Focus” and it’s got some great information in it – if you can get past the distractions around you

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Review -Focus

An interesting book I’ve recently come across about affiliate marketing is this “Simple Guide To Selling Affiliate Products.” The pitch for this book is simple: The key to your affiliate success depends on the quality of your affiliate product. Associate yourself with an affiliate program that effectively supplements your product

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Review – Simple Guide To Selling Affiliate Products

PayPal has very strict measures in place for their accounts. What I didn’t know until it happened to me is that you can quickly get kicked off of PayPal if you violate policies, and if you do, it’s for life, with no chance of parole. Here are some things to

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How You Can Get Banned From PayPal

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