Gold And Silver Spot Prices

A WORD TO THE WISE: I don’t trade ForEx. I used to try it and got stung, burned by bad advice and plainly ripped off by a bad brokerage house. It seems to me to be a game with the house making most of the profits. But for those who are into it, good luck.

I think it’s a game. I’m skeptical. (Check out my other site, Get Rich Quick Skeptic, where I talk a bit about my experiences where I lost money and learned not to trust newsletters and ForEx “advisors” who promise the moon but fall down. And when you call them on it, they back-pedal and say they weren’t offering trade points but only general advice, and “you should have known better.”

This page is simply set up as a handy, easy-loading, low bandwidth page for looking at Kitco charts for gold and silver.

(Chart courtesy of

(Chart courtesy of

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